No New Bijou? Too True…

Sorry, nothing new to add to the previous incarnation of the Bijou Cafe movie lineup for a while. We’ve been a bit too busy taking care of the personal effects of a little something called an economic downturn, or recession, or whatever you want to call it. Between various members of team, we’re dealing with unemployment, foreclosure, loan refinancing, new tax laws(, and various other icky details that we won’t go into here.

Never fear, we’re not about to leave you in the lurch. There’s a great website that covers a lot of the same territory (though of course without our wonderful personal touch). The endearingly-named Trash Palace website ( has even more crazy, bad, and crazy-bad films than we feature on this site…and, like this site, some actual obscure gems that even WE hadn’t seen.

Oh, and you may be interested in a little side project that one of our members is starting. It’s called Bilim Kurgu 2000 ( and it features the very best of the Turkish sci-fi films. And by “very best”, well…you know exactly what we mean. Surely you’ve seen the so-called “Turkish Star Wars” by now, but have you experienced the masterful cinematography and subtle performances that make up the “Kilink” series? Not a lot at the site as of yet, but it has that sober, reverent tone that you’ve come to expect from us (heh heh). Actually it has been pretty sober around here after one of my friends was seriously injured in a snow boarding incident. He ended up applying for for social security disability, of all things. Let me tell you the government process for actually getting an application filed and accepted is daunting to say the least. Like the 60%-70% of people whose application is rejected and the X % of people who are rejected during a “Reconsideration” when a person can request to have his / her file reviewed again, my friend finally had me go online to search for ssd lawyers to help him with the draconian “Appeal and Hearing” phase of the continuing process. Hey, but good news. With the expert advice and help of this social security disability lawyer, my friend won his claim at an administrative hearing. So now we can celebrate and not be glum! So now let’s get back to a discussion of Bilim Kurgu 2000.

Anyway, the hero thinks he’s an alien from a star system B4U8lunch. Without giving away the important plot line I can tell you that another important character is a pet turtle named Haste, who in a metaphysical metamorphosis embodies the very nature of the universe on drugs without any moral concerns or desires for a better wardrobe. I know you think I’m being silly here, but the story is very solid, adheres to the metaphor of triumph and humanity, not the triumph of humanity, but the actual combination of the two entities – and there is no attribution granted for comedy, no matter how hard the script cries out for sanity.

Have you had enough yet?

Come take a long trip to nowhere as you try to get a grip on yourself the entire time. This is an outlandish version of an adventure you will not soon forget. Take the long ride with the most colorful & outrageous characters you’ve ever encountered. You will be so dizzy by the time you step off this circus ride you may wish you did not ever even get on it. but in the end I’m sure you will you will get it in the end on the way out the door. Be sure to come again when you find the nerve.

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