I watched a hilarious movie recently. If you get the chance you should see it too. It was called Dale & Tucker vs. Evil. The show begins with two stereotypical rednecks on their way to the new vacation property they just purchased. They had a truck load of patio log furniture that they plan to use both inside and outside the cabin. They knew that cedar log furniture made from white cedar does not ooze sap, or attract insects which is important when you are living out in the countryside. Their plan to have cedar log furniture outside on the cabins porch and placed outside on the property was based on the fact the white cedar logs do not rot or mildew, even untreated. Just a shot out to all you readers that Northern White Cedar is a natural material that repels both weather and insects. Anyway, little do Dale and Tucker know their new property has a very haunting past. While picking up supplies at the local bait store they happen across a group of teenage college student who also happen to heading in the same direction to enjoy their spring break. The introduction of the two groups does not go as planned because the college kids are startled by the appearance and un-familiar speech pattern of one of the rednecks who is nervous to meet the pretty young women in the group.

After a shaky start the 2 groups find themselves not far from one another when they arrive at their destinations and while Dale & Tucker are out for a fishing trip at night they run across the group of kids skinny dipping. When one of the group is started and falls into the water unconscious she is luckily pulled to safety by the redneck. Unfortunately, her friends only witness the 2 pulling their friend from the water and mistake the action for a kidnapping so they run off to re-group. Once the dust settles the group of college student believe they are dealing with violent rednecks out to get them. They decide to go on the offensive instead. They gather weapons and start to search the woods for the lair of the evil 2 redneck kidnappers.

Of course Dale and Tucker are great guys who take care of their new friend. She actually begins to develop feeling for one of them in the process of figuring out what exactly is going on. When the college kids finally find the cabin that Dale and Tucker now call a vacation home they begin to investigate only to find a wild eye, chainsaw bearing redneck running wild in the area. He was trying to get away from bees but they did not take the time to understand the situation and ran blindly into the woods. This causes one of the students to have a accident which is blamed on Dale and Tucker. In the end of all things the students come back and start attacking the rednecks but they continue to have accidents. They are unable to do anything but hurt themselves in the process and the rednecks take all of the blame. As you guessed it. The rednecks in this movie are not killers but victims of circumstance. They end up saving the day and revealing the real danger to society. In the end they are victorious and even end up with the girl.

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